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Posted by stephcolin on Aug-16-2010

Both Colin and I apologize for not posting here more often. We have been extremely busy with our jobs and with life in general as well as other projects, and it’s been quite hard to find the time to surf the ‘net for good news stories. Not only that but these stories have been difficult to find and this site hasn’t caught on as we thought it would, so the news hasn’t been flooding our inbox. For these reasons, it’s become a time-consuming project that, based on the following we’ve seen, we ended up putting aside for now.

If you’d like to see us post more often, let us know of the good news you find or have, and we’ll make it available to everyone!

We thank you for being here and for your support in helping brighten everyone’s days!

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  1. Jasper Blake Said,

    I can certainly understand how priorities have to be attended to but I hope you don’t give up on this site totally – the world needs as many good news outlets as it can get.
    I routinely search for good news stories for our Storytellers For Good Facebook page [], in between creating our own good news stories of course, and would be more than happy for you to mine it for material as much as you like.

    Likewise, I get an email alert anytime you post something new and am happy to share it with our Twitter and Facebook audiences. Also our blog will be up in a couple of weeks time and we’d be happy to exchange links if that would help.
    We need more sites like this – not less, so lets support each other.

    Social Media Manager
    Storytellers For Good

  2. stephcolin Said,

    Jasper! Thank you for your encouragement and support. I’d really like not to give this site up, and hope to be able to make time and post more often.

    I’ve “liked” your facebook page (I’m glad you alerted me to it!) and look forward to your blog! Let me know when it’s up and I’ll post about it here as well and we can also put up a button for it here.

    Again, thank you so much for your support!

  3. good news daily Said,

    keep up the good work. I’m sure more will contribute positive stories to your website. am looking forward to the upcoming posts. God bless.

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